‘Sonic Pendulum’ for Audi

Exhibition Design, Campaigns, Sound Design

An immersive installation in the form of 30 swinging pendulums playing calming noises.

Set against the backdrop of an old Milanese seminary, the ‘Sonic Pendulum’ installation is made up of three structures supporting 30 pendulums.

Each pendulum is equipped with a speaker playing a calming ambient bassline, while artificial intelligence modulates sounds that are being made in the space – creating an "ever-evolving, meditative calming atmosphere.

This aural experience plays with the phenomenon of brainwave entrainment, where neural oscillations start to mimic those of outside sensory stimuli, such as music with a similar frequency. The soundscape mimics frequencies known to induce a state of relaxation.

Microphones are set up around the space, recording the surrounding sounds. Reacting to what is captured moment-to-moment, A.I. was trained to respond by creating relaxing and infinite compositions.

Yuri Suzuki
Project team
Gabriel Vergara II
Manabu Shimada, programmer
Laura Bushell
Mark Cocksedge
Felix Faire (processing)
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